Designing The Pool Side- Stamped Concrete or Brick Pavers in Miami

Homeowners in Parkland and Miami have some gorgeous homes that not only sprawls over a vast area but is also accompanied by pools that are often the primary attraction of the property. In summer months, the pool area always remains busy with children taking a dip after spending some sweaty hours in the playground or adults in the family just relaxing in the cool and calm water after a long and tiring day at work. What needs to be pointed out is that, since the pool area is so important, and sees good traffic, it has to be designed well. Most importantly, the surface has to be laid down as such that it is not slippery and is safe for everyone to walk on. The choice of materials for the same is many. You can go for stamped concrete or brick pavers in Parkland if you are a homeowner with a pool and looking for changing the surface of the poolside area.

However, that is one of the biggest confusions among owners whether to go for stamped concrete or brick pavers in Miami and Parkland. Both has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision has to be taken wisely.

As far as stamped concrete is concerned, there are various stamp patterns available. You can opt from slate, seamless stone, flagstone and more. Apart from patterns, there are a wide variety of color options in stamped concrete. Stamped concrete comprises two colors. There are a base color and a secondary color known as release agent that is broadcasted on top of the concrete just before stamping. The antique look of stamped concrete comes from fusing the two colors. At the same time, stamped concrete is sealed which helps in protecting the same from the elements. The downsides of stamped concrete are also there. Being concrete, it is prone to get a crack, the sealer needs to be applied every 2-3 year, and in the absence of an anti-skid agent, the surface will become slippery with time.

In contrast, brick pavers in Miami if installed in the proper way and by good hands, will not crack easily. Carrying out underground repairs are comparatively easier, and a seamless fix is possible. The surface is not slippery until and unless it is sealed. There are downsides to this material as well. For example, as beautiful the brick pavers might seem to be, if it is not placed well, it will not settle and then move over time. If the contractor laying it down does not use polymeric sand, then weeds can grow in between. The application of polymer sand binds the pavers together and also stops weeds from growing. Also, it might not always be possible for customers to see the difference in the color or pattern of brick pavers in parkland or Miami. That is only what experienced eyes can pick out. However, if you are working with a good contractor, then chances of facing such issues with the job will be fewer.


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